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Nauticam NA-502B-H (#17920)

Fabricant: Nauticam
Disponibilité: 2-3 semaines, uniquement sur demande, aucun remboursement

Nauticam Small HD 502 bright monitor with HDMI 1.4 input support. The SmallHD 502 Bright monitor is an incredibly light and sharp 5-inch daylight viewable field monitor and the perfect complement to a Nauticam underwater video system.  The Bright version of the 502 adds 1000 nit daylight viewable brightness to the already stunning 5″, 1920 x 1080 Full HD Display.  The 441 PPI monitor comes equipped with an amazing suite of software tools for image monitoring in a compact form factor.  This version of the NA-502B is setup for an HDMI camera connection, see NA-502B-S for an HD-SDI camera connection.

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Nauticam has supported both the 501 and 502 models of SmallHD montiors and continue to evolve and innovate with the new NA-502B for the 502 Bright Monitor.  With more cameras offering video capability the need for an efficient and bright external monitor is only growing.  With Nauticam's bulkhead system, attaching and detaching the cable system can be done quickly in the field.  This means you can easily switch from a still photo setup to a video setup in between dives, quickly removing the monitor and even installing a magnifying viewfinder to the housing.  

The NA-502B housing provides access to all monitor controls, and the complete menu system is available in the housing, and at depth. 

The Nauticam NA-502B housing features the rugged build quality and advanced manufacturing expertise our user base has come to expect.  The joystick navigation system used by the 502 Bright monitor is translated to four directional arrows, a center select button, and the dedicated “back” button.  The interface is simple, but elegant, and perfectly suited to the underwater environment.

The form factor of 502 Bright monitor is perfectly suited for an underwater housing, with HDMI / HD-SDI cables nestled between two readily available Canon LP-E6 Batteries that power the monitor.  

HDMI and HD-SDI are both supported by a single housing, providing an extremely broad range of camera support in a single underwater monitor system.

NOTE: This housing (17920) comes with an HDMI connection pre-installed.  This can be switched or supplemented with an optional HD-SDI cable as the 502 Bright can act as a pass-through monitor with built-in cross-conversion.  Unlike previous 502 models the 502 Bright is only available in one configuration that includes both HD-SDI and HDMi so choose the housing model that is appropriate for your camera, i.e. 17920 for HDMI and 17921 for HD-SDI.


The 502 Bright monitor can also function as a passthrough monitor, passing either HDMI or SDI to a surface monitor.  The NA-502B housings feature a second M16 opening that can accommodate another HD-SDI or HDMI cable.  

The SmallHD 502 Bright also features a cross-conversion feature meaning an HDMI input from the camera can be converted to an HD-SDI signal by the monitor and passed through a second bulkhead to a surface monitor.  HD-SDI can travel over longer distances making this ideal for surface monitoring even from a camera that only features HDMI output.  Nauticam HD-SDI Cable Accessories provide a reliable way of transporting a video signal over long distances.



An oversized rotary latch seals the housing, and securely locks in place without risk of accidental opening.  No control functions need to be preset or aligned when installing the monitor, it simply drops into the housing and is ready to use.


A removable monitor shade, held securely in place with four small screws is included with the NA-502B housing and provides better monitor visibility in bright conditions.


The NA-502B provides access to all the controls of the SmallHD 502 Bright monitor including the joystick and a dedicated "back" button.


The NA-502B Housing includes Nauticam's Vacuum Check and Leak Detection system with an M16 Vacuum Valve II pre-installed.  This temperature compensated system provides constant visual confirmation of watertightness through a multicolor LED.


The 502 Bright monitor drops right in and is secured using two rotating latches.  Cable routing is simple as is direct access to the batteries without having to remove the monitor from the housing.

  • Etanche à: 100m
  • Poids: 1,39 kg
  • Dimensions
    • Largeur: 222 mm
    • Hauteur: 118 mm 
    • Profondeur: 67 mm
  • 17920 NA-502B Monitor with HDMI 1.4 Input Support
  • 17916 Monitor hood for NA-501/502 Housing
  • 25625 M16 Vacuum Valve II (Pushbutton Release)
  • 25033 Standard HDMI bulkhead with M16 thread
  • 25036 HDMI (D-C) cable in 190mm length (for connection from HDMI bulkhead to camera)
  • 25046 HDMI (D-D) cable in 200mm length (for connection from HDMI bulkhead to camera)
  • 25038 HDMI (A-D) cable in 750mm length (for connection from monitor housing to HDMI bulkhead)
  • Mounting ball and M16 extension
  • CR2032 Battery

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