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Nauticam NA-FHD5 (#17908)

Fabricante: Nauticam
Disponibilidad: Envío usualmente en 1-2 semanas
NA-FHD5 housing for Sony CLM-FHD5 FULL HD monitor.
Sony CLM-FHD5 is a compact, crystal clear HD monitor at an attractive price point.  The small size results in an compact underwater housing that pairs well with mirrorless and DSLR underwater systems.

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PVP (con IVA) 1.643,00 €

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Shooting Assist Functions

CLM-FHD5 features all of the convenient assist functions required to get great underwater video!  3x and 6x magnification allow a quick focus check, and Peaking clearly displays in focus edges with red highlighting.  False color and video level markers allow precise exposure management..

Waterproof HDMI Cable System

The Nauticam HDMI Cable and Bulkhead system fully conforms to the HDMI standard, and uses genuine HDMI connectors.  Rugged strain reliefs protect connections from wear and tear.  These feature ensure reliable connection in the field.

Vacuum Check & Leak Detection System

Good monitors represent a significant investment, and the Nauticam Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System provides constant monitoring of the water tight and ready to dive status of the system.  The vacuum offers an early warning of issues with the housing sealing system before going into the water.

Power Supply Choices

CLM-FHD5 is compatible with a variety of power sources, allowing the camera and monitor to share a charging system, and providing options for long run time.

  • NP-FW50 (up to 60 min)
  • NP-FM500H (up to 120 min)
  • NP-FV50 (up to 50 min)
  • NP-FV70 (up to 130 min)
  • NP-FV100A (up to 300 min)
  • Profundidad max.: 100m
  • Peso: 1.39 kg
  • Dimensiones: 
    • Ancho: 222 mm
    • Alto: 118 mm
    • Largo: 67 mm
  • 1x Caja NA-502S
  • 1x Conector pasamuros SDI con rosca M16 (incluido tapón)
  • 1x Cable SDI exterior de 75 cm (con tapón protector)
  • 1x Cable SDI interior de 30 cm

El monitor, la pinza y el parasol son accesorios opcionales.