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Divevolk Housings

DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 4 Max

DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 4 Max, this new version of the SeaTouch for large phones allows, like its little brother the SeaTouch...
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DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 3 Pro

The new SeaTouch 3 Pro housing from DIVEVOLK for smartphone is a photo and video imaging solution for water sports...
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Divevolk Underwater Housings

Beginning with the ever popular iPhone version, Divevolk has innovated a version of underwater housing to have true touchscreen ability on the entire real estate of your phone screen! Not buttons that work on Bluetoothconnection or restrictive presses on the volume buttons. The gel-filled layeris the piece of spongy-feeling layer between your phone’s screen and you. Anyscreen protector would have to be removed before inserting into the housing onits specially moulded tray designed for specific models of iPhone 12 Pro max/13 Pro/13 Pro max . This is to facilitate the sensor to sense your finger contact more effectively on the phone as the ambient pressure is already exerting a force on the entire gel layer, the phone needs to sense your ‘finger’ to register it as a contact.

Function wise, this is the only housingwhere you can use the entire touchscreen underwater. No buttons! Waterproofto 60 meters/196 feet, you can use all of your apps, camera for photos andchange any settings just as you would on land. If there is an emergency, youcan still use text and phone features at the surface. If your smartphone has awireless charge option, that function will still be maintained whilst in thehousing, so no need to take it out of the case to charge.

 There are a few apps and features available,too. For example, you can broadcast audio underwater. Imagine being aninstructor and needing to ask students to look back at you. Create a pre-setrecording then play it for them to hear underwater. And imagine being able tolisten to music underwater.

 If you have not started underwaterphotography yet, how many times have you wished you could take your trustysmartphone underwater with you? A gadget that you are familiar with, canoperate the camera app with ease and don’t have to figure out technical jargon???Have you been intimidated by complex camera gear and equally complicated setup?It kills the joy of gearing up even before you get into the water. Having Divevolk’s SeaTouch 4 Max eliminates the complexity of a time-consuming setup,freeing you from the stress and annoyance of misplacing essential accessoriesthat comes with a huge camera setup. It has only one door that has a doubleO’ring and it’s secured with nuts and bolts. Forget all the chunky gear thatphotographers need to lug along with strobes, lights and accessories.

 If you are professional underwaterphotograher, you can order  the wideangle lens and red filter , the result is better than shooting ordinarilywithout. The app has 4 shooting functions, Time-lapse, slo-mo, photo &video mode. When you want your video to have adjusted WB, you have to use the Photo mode first to pre-select the preset and select Video afterwards to continue with the preset white balance.

 If you have been taking pictures underwaterwith your humongous gear, let me give you a reason to have this on your nextouting, especially if you are going on a business trip with a detour to aneighbouring dive site and can’t carry that behemoth with you. This gadget doesn’t require tray and arms because the centre attachment grip has groovesfor screwing on two bendable mini lights plus snoot for your macro-muckingabout. Having a housing ready means you never have to miss that opportunity nomatter where your boss sends you!
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